PIPC Roll Call Dataset

This version of the PIPC Roll Call Dataset represents the latest iteration in a project that was started by David Rohde and has been worked on by many scholars over many years. This newest version now scrapes information from the Clerk of the House nightly and codes the “vote type” (e.g. amendment, final passage, moving the previous question) variable using a python script rather than relying on the judgment of individual coders. For the first time, the dataset will now always include the most recent votes and vote type codes. All votes from the 101st Congress to the present are coded using a computer program while votes from the 83rd-100th Congress are the original hand-coded votes. Please read the codebook for additional information.

Data .csv format


Python Script written by Austin Clemens, (austinc@mac.com)

Please cite the data as:
Crespin, Michael H. and David Rohde. [current date] Political Institutions and Public Choice Roll-Call Database. Retrieved from http://cacexplore.org/pipcvotes/